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Fresh Air Music Services:-

Text/Phone :  075 83 83 83 15

The Dorset Guitar School sessions are held at :-

The Skills and Learning Centre

at the junction of Wimborne Rd & Dorchester Rd

BH15  3DL

(opp. Oakdale Library)


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Entry Requirements to Join Dorset Guitars...

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player, there is a group suitable for you. Adults - it is never too late to start!! Please give as much information as possible when submitting your application.

Equipment Requirements
In all classes the minimum requirement is that you should have an acoustic guitar. Preferably a classical guitar. A steel string is acceptable. In the more advanced groups an electric guitar plus small amplifier, is also required. Bass players will need their own equipment (preferably small practice amps). Having said that you do need your own equipment, you should also know that DGs has much equipment, that can be used in an emergency and particularly for large stage/auditorium use.

Cost (As shown on Facts and Fees Page)
For beginners, intermediates and experienced players - School age students and adults. The fee is paid termly in advance. Sessions are normally 75mins long and are held weekly through Dorset Schools terms. All books/instruments to be supplied by the student, however much additional music will be supplied by DGs.  Please read our terms and conditions. (Press - About Us - Fees /terms button)

Submit your application giving as much information as possible regarding your experience :-

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Thank you for your interest in The Dorset Guitar School. In order for us to be able to improve our communication/service to all Guitar and Bass students, we would like to know your thoughts regarding any guitar/local issue.

Messages and comments, matters that need our urgent attention, are best emailed. Your information will not be passed on to anyone

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